The Starting Bite

Chips & Salsa $6.00
Choice of mild, medium or hot salsa
Chips & Chunky Guacamole $9.00
Choice of mild, medium or hot salsa


All tacos come with lime wedges, cilantro and onion and choice of hot or mild salsa. Al pastor comes with pineapple. Three tacos per order. Additional tacos are $3 each.

Carne Asada $8.50
Chicken $8.50
Al Pastor (Pork) $8.50
Ground Beef $8.50


Comes with pico de gallo and sour cream.

Chicken $11.00
Cheese $10.00
Al Pastor (Pork) $11.00
Ground Beef $11.00
Carne Asada $12.00


Señor $14.00
Your choice of carne asada or al pastor. Chips/cheese/pico de gallo/sour cream/jalapeño/smooth guacamole.
Señorita $12.00
Your choice of chicken or ground beef. Chips/cheese/pico de gallo/sour cream/smooth guacamole.


Black beans $4.00
Mexican Rice $3.00
Mexican Street Corn Cup $3.50
Mayo/cotija cheese/tajin/butter.
Fries $4.00
Chicken Tenders (2) $8.50


Señorita Margarita (Classic Margarita) $8.00
Hornitos Tequila/Lime Juice/Orange Juice/Triple Sec
Mezcal Paloma $14.00
Del Maguey Vida Mezcal Tequila/Triple Sec/Lime Juice/Grapefruit Juice/Splash Soda
Frida Kahlo $13.00
Un Vida Blanco/St. Germain Liquor/Rosemary/Fresh Pear/Lime Juice/Agave/Splash Soda
Rita Moreno $14.00
Una Vida Anejo/Bourbon/Sage Simple Syrup/Sugared Blackberries/Orange Peel
Carolina Herrera $14.00
360 Double Chocolate/Una Vida Anejo/Sweetened Condensed Milk/Orange/Chocolate Shaving
Jose Andres $12.00
Una Vida Reposado/Pineapple/Habanero Simple Syrup/Orange/Lime/Agave
Cesar Chavez $12.00
Una Vida Blanco/Deep Eddy Lime/Mint/Lime Juice/Agave/Chilled Ginger Beer/Candied Ginger
Lin-Manuel Miranda $13.00
Una Vida Reposado/Blackberries/Sage Simple Syrup/Lime Juice/Splash Soda


Dos Equis Lager $7.00
Dos Equis Amber $7.00
Michelob $5.00
Coors Light $5.00